help with 05 wr450 mods

I just parked my new wr450 and have embarked upon the free modifications. The throttle stop has been removed. I am now wanting to modify the air snorkle but I am not sure what needs to be done. Is this modification best accomplished by cutting the top plastic cover next to the battery strap? Does anyone have any pictures they can post? Also, I have read pros and cons on removing the baffle. What gains are achieved by removing the baffle? Thank you!

First do not(DO NOT) remove the throttle stop totally it needs to be cut down about 1/4 inch or the throttle can get stuck and then your toast, next all you need to do is remove the snorkle near the rear of the battery(thing with two square holes), third better air flow(the baffle only has a inch wide hole for the exhaust to excape) you also want to do the grey wire mode(changes ignition timing from wr to yz) lastly go here all mods apply with little differences.

Also, you want to disable the AIS(smog system on right hand side of bike) PM lowedog for a kit he sells for 30 bucks and thats it, except for the JD jet kit that is a must. After all this you will have a beast and a half.

Getting that stupid air snorkel out can be a real chore since the rivits that hold the little battery strap mount are in the way. I removed the battery and the side cover for the airbox. I used a flat screwdriver and GENTLY wedged the snorkle past the rivits while my free hand pushed the snorkle up from underneath. It was slow going but I got it out in one piece.

Removing the snorkle increases the air intake opening and allows more air into the airbox. Some other guys around here are using the Uni Filter add-ons that mount in right side of the airbox. With most engines, better airflow both in and out will increase power/performance. Right Marcus? :cry:


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