nonexistant gray wire

color me stupid but there isn't anything resembling a gray wire on my '00 WR400F. Well, ok the engine kill switch connector has a black/white and gray wire in it. this can NOT be it. The thumperfaq page talks only about 250's and apparently they have several other connectors. Anybody with a WR400 help me out here? I'm looking at both my shop manual's wring diagram and the Dakar DS kit and am at a total loss to find ANY mention of a gray wire that does anything useful at all.

:cry: I don't know for sure about the wr400 but my 02WR426 had the grey wire.It was tucked up under the front of the seat next to the frame.It comes out of the harness into I think is a threre or four wire clip.I took the wires out of the clip and hooked them too my old headlight switch so I can run either WR or YZ ignition timing not cam timing.Good Luck on yours. :cry::cry:

Ive got a euro spec Wr400 and there is no grey wire not on mine anyway. And i can confirm that the throttle stop screw is the same as the Us spec yz and if any one wants it have one spare so make us an offer.

bump. there gotta be some USA '00 WR400's out there some place with a "gray wire mod" done to them. Anybody?

Its in the wire cluster under the tank on right side. Pull the tank look for the wires leading to a connector. I clipped and tapped mine up. Do a search on grey wire and you should find some pics showing exact location.

I found if I was cruising in 4th or 5th gear on paved or gravel roads with 1/4 to 1/2 throttle the bike stutters and surges slightly like its not carburating cleanly, clipping the wire eliminated this, gave a clean running feel.

If unsure search for the pics.

What does the "grey wire" actually do ? it's purpose I mean. Reading Team Oat's post about stuttering when cruising has got me palnning a tank removal and minor operation on this grey wire as I also suffer the problem,but before I go butchering harnesses etc,just curious whats it actually for.

I went looking for the gray wire on my 1999 WR400F. The only gray wire I can find on the wiring diagram and the bike is the one that goes (with the black-white wire) between the CDI box and the connector for the kill switch. So I assumed this was the one!

I don't know your bike for that year, but can make a recommendation. You should first check your manual schematic. If the grey wire goes from the CDI to ground then the mod probably applies. By grounding that pin on the CDI, it selects the WR timing map. When disconnecting that CDI pin from ground, the ZY ignition map is selected. If your grey wire in the schematic does not go from the CDI to ground, then that mod may not apply.

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