99 Gray wire question

I found and cut the old gray wire demon last night durin mainenance. In the manual it shows the black connector comming off the cdi at the bottom with the Black/White and the Gray wire. In the diagram it shows only the Black/White wire running out the other side. However the gray wire comes out the other side of the connector and appears to head to the rear of the bike. I cut the wire on the exit side of the connector.

Anyone know where this wire goes when it exits the connector.....(The manual doesn't)

Bonzai.... :)

I never traced it out to where it goes, But by cutting it, it sure does the trick. You won't be disappointed!

i cut mine but haven't noticed any difference due to my lack of time to ride. our last ride we rode a track and honestly, my bike rarely ever gets pinned-it dosen't take much to get my 150lb a$$ goin on this thing. it has so much power everywhere that it was hard to notice. i bet on pavement the difference would be noticable but in the mud the wheel spins regardless. but i did notice when crusing down the road to the track that it didn't studder at mid rpm-steady throttle.

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