YZ 450 crank mod

I ride a YZ426 and i noticed that the bore of the 426 is the same as the bore on the 450. They only differ in stroke. My question is this: can a 450 crank be installed in the 426 theoretically making a 450 dependant upon the height of the jug, cc's of the dome on the head, and, of course, the length of the piston. Anyone with any information please let me know. rwintyr@msn.com


just get a falicon stroker crank. they have the crank/rod combo for the 426 for $750. it gives you a 66mm stroke which brings the displacement up to (approximately) 468cc.


Ditto . Falicon has the best set up cranks for our bikes. You are better off getting more stroke before over boring for a larger piston. The standard bike is way over bored for its stroke for ideal performance. :cry:

Thanks for the info guys. I'll definately look into that. Ride hard, but keep the shiny side up.

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