XRL Valve Adjustment: Out of Spec So Soon?

Hey guys,

I finally broke down and adjusted the valves on my '98 with 5K miles

on it (because I had to take the tank off anyway to tighten a

leaking/loose rocker shaft cover cap next to the RFVC logo). I had it done

once by a dealer here in San Diego when I first bought it (used) with

about 2.2K miles on it back in September of '03.

When I checked the clearances they were all out of spec and the

intakes were noticably tight, and this is only after 3K miles of DS

riding with mostly street miles, but with some hard off-road ones, too.

I'm not sure how loose or tight the dealer set them so that is an unknown.

I'm hoping they were set right. :cry:

My questions are how often do you guys check the valves, and do the

intakes usually get tighter, even after so few (3K) miles? I use Mobil

1 15W-50 red cap full synthetic oil and change it often. The bike runs

strong with no problems at all. :cry:

Thanks & Happy New Year to all the Thumper Pilots. :cry:

possibly they werent adjusted correctly, or double-check that you are at TDC ... the reason I say this, its virtually always the Exhaust valves that tighten in time, they tend to go out of adjustment first

TDC is not the issue. I set it a the top of the compression stroke.

The intake valves were tight which makes me think they were set tight by the dealer. The exhausts were a bit tight but I still could get the .005" feeler gauge in there. :cry:

In fact my old angled Motion Pro gauges from the '80's did an excellent job. I used to use these on my '86 & '83 XL600R's, back when the RFVC motor first came out. Amazing how XRL & XLR technology hasn't changed much at all in 20+ years.

The left intake and exhausts on my 04 L were too tight on 2K check (when I bought it). Idled horribly and the choke was nonfunctional. After setting the gap correctly, these problems went away.

I torqued the lock nuts to spec and will watch the gap to see if it tightens at all.

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