Mike Kay in Dakar?

The first stage of the Dakar is done. KTM Red Bull is doing well. I looked for Mike Kay in the start grid list and finisher list and did not see his name. Is there another rider on his 650?


US youngster Kellon Walsh (KTM – n°21) flew to a very promising fifth spot. At only 21 years of age, the Red Bull USA KTM team rider who was selected during a six-day selection camp, is proving that the US team has so far made an excellent choice.

He has given me no feed back. Nothing on his web site. He talked about the press shunning him but, he has given no info for us to fallow yet. :cry:




I knew his support would be all tied up supporting him but, maybe they will get a breather long enough to remember the fans :cry:

Hoping for his best!

The Dakar page does not even have his name or number as in the race when you do a search for it. #119

I know Mike has already paid his ASO fees and put a lot of time and money into this project that he was eagerly looking forward to. His bike looked awesome the last time I seen it and he had already received his safety device from overseas that sounds a horn anytime another vehicle/bike comes within a certain distance of him. I hope nothing serious happened to him and that he's OK.

I searched the site also... can't find his name anywhere! I hope that all is well, that the bike made it safely, Mike is safe. That would really suck if some 'red tape' prevented him from participating... :cry:

best wishes Mike.... always... :cry:

$30,000 down the drain :cry:

I thought Mike would have chimed in by now. I wouldn't doubt he's in the bar trying to drown his sorrows. He might be in Spain right now making the best of things.

He's safe.

Let's just say his bike didn't arrive in Spain in time.

Never took the start.

We'll let him tell the story later.


Let's just say his bike didn't arrive in Spain in time.

Never took the start.



:D:applause::applause: :applause: :applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause: :applause: :applause::applause:;)

:banana::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::lol::lol::D:D:D :D :D;););););)

Damn, That really sucks for Mike. I think he really would have done well over there.

Hey guys.

Yep its true. Didnt even make it to Spain.

2 years of getting my butt kicked at the races....testing 8 gallon fuel tanks, light mounts, tires and so so so many more rallye parts.

6 months of feverishly building the bike, doing all the 100's of logistical things needed to get to Barcelona--the 'Race to get to the Race'....

Yeah--about $30,000--maybe a bit more...and then--right when the bike was ready, the parts that kept breaking where fixed, after months...the custom fab stuff was done...i mean everything was there...

And i call the cargo agent i had been talking to for 3 months to let him know the bike is crated and ready for a flight to europe...and then the nightmare of nightmares.

He thought i was from a big company (we played up the 'race team' thing in the beginning hoping for a cheaper deal)....i thought he understood i was just a small fish. His freight quotes, carriers, etc. where all for 'recognized shippers'.

It turns out private citizens cant send hazardous material on airplanes in the USA anymore. Only companies can. Companies that are bonded, companies that are insured, companies that are 'approved'....so while KTM can send stuff back and forth...you and I cant. I found that out a week before the rallye began.

It killed me. It took the wind out of my sails. It was a broadside from no where that left me numb and blank. We tried going with european carriers, no dice. We looked at chartering a flight--way to expensive...After a couple days--with christmas behind and my check in date of the 30th only days away...i gave up.

My wife and i fighting, my bank account at zero, my body tired from endless hours working on the bike, my mind fried from going over all the logistics, my restless sleep nightly broken by pangs of self daubt ----the shipping news was the straw that broke this camles back.

I lost the race to get to the race. I let it get away from me. I focused for months on stupid, secondary things when i needed to focus on the basics. I listened to people who didnt know what they where talking about. I blew off people who had been there and done that and knew the score. I made bad choices, I lost.

It is the worst feeling i have had since my mom died. It is just horrible. I am in a daze and un-sure of myself. It feels like my life will now change, and not in a good way. I feel out of control. Its just horrible.

And with that weight i watch the victims in Asia and put it in perspective--as Rob said--its just a motorcycle race. And thats true. But jeez i was close. Man oh man did i try. Ugggh--what a horrible feeling--i am such a looser--and i know it.

Yeah--maybe next year. Maybe. But this Dakar thing is so so so so so so much harder to work out than any other race--i just dont know if i will have the time, cash, and the passion in 2006.

Part of me wants to go race every weekend and be that much more prepared...and part of me wants to take a break from dirt bikes for awhile.

Hind site is 20/20. Only a hand full of americans have ever built their Dakar Rallye bike. And they where pro's with insights and contacts i can only imagine at. What was i thinking? I could have bought or rented a KTM 660 Rallye for 1/2 what i have into my 650R. I could have picked it up in Spain, and gotten comfortable on it during the first week of the rallye. I could have joined the KTM support package and had mechanics and tires waiting for me at the end of each day--all for about what i have thrown away.

Thats what the other americans--both pro and privateer--are doing over there right now...going with a KTM 660 Rallye bike...For a first timer--THAT is by far the easiest, cheapest and surest way to do this race.

All my life i have been doing things the hard way...sometimes it pays off--but usually it just takes longer and costs more...or worse. And THAT, my friends, is why I am sitting here typing and not over there having a great adventure.

Huge thanks for all the kind words and more that you all on TT have given to me. Huge thanks to Cycoactive, Baja Designs, Barnums Pro, and many more who have generously helped me. I am truly sorry to have failed you in such a pathetic way.


Mike Kay

ps-- i am going to take a break from TT for awhile--i need to make some life changes. see you on the trails some time....

pss--go get em Robbie, Charlie, Kellon, Chris, Kevin, Darren, David, and Scott.

Mike, I am sure all of us here wish you the best. Keep your chin up. If you're in Vegas anytime, poke your head in and I'll treat for a meal and drink. We can even go riding if you promise not to take it out of 2nd gear so I can keep up :cry:

sorry to hear what happened, but maybe you will win a Baja or two with your prepared bike ... take care of the important things, family, etc... you will be in my prayers ... nobody should suffer regret after giving 100% ...don't beat yourself up, man .... :cry:

Sorry to hear about the unexpected problem stopping you. Oh well, life throws a lot of things our way and this is just one of those things that strengthens a person. I sure was hoping my wishing you to break a leg would have given you the good luck needed to finish Dakar but it was not to be.

Take care of your family, ride for pleasure and like was already suggested: WIN BAJA. :cry:

BTY, you are not the only one who learns the hard way, I think were related. :cry:

Hey Mike,

As You Said Keep Your Chin Up And Keep Looking Forward. There Is Always The Baja Racing And Then Next Year. See You In Baja... Rich G. Your Old Riding Buddy, You Tent Squirrel

I was reading the results of the motorcycles and the leader was a Yamaha with 2 wheel drive, is this true. Wow

Yeah, the WR450F 2-Trac did very well last year in the Dakar in certain sections. Yamaha has been playing with 2WD for quite a while and there are other bikes with similar systems, but they're not easily available to the public. I really thought Yamaha was going to debut a WR660F 2-Trac at the Dakar, but it didn't happen. I still think a WR660F 2-Trac is a possiblity for the future. Here's some links about the 2-Trac if you want to check out some more info about it.






Hi Mike,

I can relate to the pain you must feel. I trained for years to be a top mogul skier. I qualified for the National Championships only to have them hosted by the Central Division in Wisconsin. I flew to Wisconsin to find a molehill called a mountain. The event sucked, it would be like having the Baja 1000 in a parking lot. $2000 borrowed at 21% interest (1981) , unemployed the next summer to boot.

The following year, the National Championships were at Squaw Valley in California. My home area with lots of long steep runs. It was our turn to compete on the best course possible. Then a blizzard with 16 feet of snow in 10 days! Chairlifts were burried. The competition committee ran around with their head up their arse, otherwise we could have held a contest. No contest. Another year gone.

So you're not alone having logistics take away your dream to compete.

Maybe by not going to Europe, you avoided a big crash. Karma is keeping you intact so you can go riding and smile. So think that you cheated your fate and enjoy lots of riding. :cry:

Sorry to here about your problems Mike,really...I was standing at the prologue looking for you with my friends.....we checked the numbers and when you did`nt arrive we wondered what the problem was.....I drove 8 hours to see you,(along with the rest of competitors)(being a fellow BRP rider!!) and 8 hours back home.........I can sympathize with your feelings...I think you should now,like all off road riders,think about picking yourself up and plan immediatley for the next Dakar...in one months time today will be a memory....you can do it...don`t let it beat you.....I know its a big big thing you were planning (2 of my friends from Ireland have done the Dakar(Adrian Lappin and Paul Maguire)...They went out selling ballot tickets and drummed up sponsorship etc etc)but you can do it...dont loose interest...another rider got all his stuff stolen after the prologue and could not carry on.....I saw a bike in the shovel of a big Cat being taken off the course....I saw a car limping onto the course and then being towed around by one of the trucks.....I know at least they got around,but try not to dispair...you know where you went wrong and it is noble of you to be honest.....I think also that Rally Raid in the UK rent out Hondas with support...you might like to try them......if I can be of any assistance here in the French Pyrenees do not hesitate to contact me.....Regards and best wishes in the future....

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