Question about my Clutch Basket?

Recently I rebuilt the trans in my 00 426 and as I tore it down I noticed it has an aftermarket clutch basket (vortex). As I removed the clutch basket I see that it has some springs in the base. My question is what are they there for? I have torn apart smaller two stroke motors and I never noticed springs in any of the other clutch baskets. Also when I lug the motor down I hear quite a bit of chatter which I am assuming is the chain, but the chain seems tight enough. Can anything else cause that noise, or is it normal?

The springs are there to help absorb the tremendous power hit from the motor, they are a buffer per say all engineered to keep the clutch from exploding.

Now to the chatter

the 2000 had a bad issue with this the fix is a 2001 clutch mod all about 100 bucks in parts and it will eliminate the chatter and make the clutch perfect.

Here is all you need

Thanks Cowboyona426

Here are the needed parts:

5JG-16321-00-00 PLATE, FRICTION


5JG-16384-00-00 PLATE, SEAT

93511-32027-00 BEARING, BALL (PUSH ROD ASSY.)

5JG-16356-00-00 ROD, PUSH 1

5JG-16357-10-00 ROD, PUSH 2


Note: You only need the clutch cover gasket if you tear yours removing the cover. If you don't tear the gasket, you don't need to replace it.

Here's the steps:

1. Drain the oil from the engine and the frame.

2. Pull the clutch cover- removing the rear brake will make it easier to get all the clutch cover bolts out. Because all the bolts are different lengths, leave them in the holes in the cover when you pull the cover. Pull the cover off evenly and you shouldn't have any problems with tearing the gasket, so you can reuse it.

3. Remove the pressure plate. The short pushrod will probably stick to the pressure plate, FYI.

4. Pull out all the clutch plates. Remember to keep them in order! I used two picks to help me get all the plates out.

5. Pull the long pushrod from the center of the shaft the clutch hub is mounted on.

6. Pour some clean oil in the clutch cover, and soak the new plate in the oil for 5-10 minutes.

7. Install the flat base plate.

8. Install the spring plate- make sure the side marked "OUT" faces toward the outside of the engine.

9. Install the new clutch plate.

10. Install all the old plates, taking out the innermost plate. I dipped each plate in the oil before installing them to help use some of it up.

11. Install the new long pushrod in the tranny shaft- make sure the end with the tapered end goes to the inside of the motor.

12. Install the short pushrod with the ball bearing inside.

13. Install the pressure plate.

14. Install the clutch cover- make sure you dump the oil out first!

That's it! It is a really simple mod. Some people have been installing the 01 clutch arm too- I didn't. If you do, it is supposed to move the engagement point of the clutch farther from the bars. Also, you will have to readjust the freeplay in the lever, because installing the 01 parts creates a lot of slack in the cable.

I'm not sure how much all the parts cost, because I managed to score them all for free from moto2000- thank you moto2000! I don't have the number for the 01 clutch arm, but your dealer should be able to find it easy enough. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you very much for the detailed response

Thank you very much for the detailed response

Now worries

Also you may find this site very helpfull for some more mods for your 2000

Motoman has a tech articles thee with some info on the chain guide that was also bad on the 2000.

Check it out

If you're talking about a loud noise from the rear engine area while lugging the bike with the clutch out, that's not clutch chatter, it's the chain like you originally thought. In a two stroke, the engine fires on one stroke, then an upstroke, then fires again. In a four-stroke the enigne fires, followed by not one but 3 non-firing strokes, so the gap in between power strokes is much larger. The chain has ample time at low rpm to catch a lot of slack that then gets yanked back out by the next power stroke. If that sounds more like your condition, it's normal.

Clutch chatter is more a jerky, unsmooth engagement than a noise condition, but the mods JL suggests will improve your clutch. :cry:

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