outerwears :p

www.outerwearsracing.com sells a piece of fabric that is velcroed to the top of the airbox. the material will allow water to pool up on top, or hopfully run off the side and NOT into the carb. it works great, helps in rain and fast water crossing. the custom made mine, and it fits great, so now the have the correct size. about $20 for a nice dust/water trap/filter. call tem at 800-967-3450 Just a little tip, I hope it helps someone else as much as you have all helped me!! :)

I took a jig saw and cut the center out of the air box lid so that there is just the frame of it left. Screw it back onto the box and it helps prevent water from getting in the box. For added protection put a piece of panttyhose over it. Just don't let the wife catch you cutting them up.

I would be interested in looking at a picture of this. I do a lot of sand riding and this would be perfect. The air filter always has a bunch of sand in it when the trip is over. They work great on my banshee.

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