loud pipes

Hi Chris,

I'm trying to figure out if your Supertrapp is any quieter than my Yoshi.

I e-mailed you some pics.

Everybody else, thanks for any info.

As for all the riders who want LOUD pipes, there is no doubt you guys will be the downfall of this great sport. :cry::cry::cry: Think about it, if people do not hear you, very few will even know you are out there.

Here in Canada, most organised rides and races (except Enduros, I think)

are now at a maximum of 94 dcb.


I for one do not like excessively loud pipes. I just want to know exactly what the California law is.

You should carry a copy of that and whip it out while the ranger is writing your ticket. :cry:

I think if you whip it out while the ranger is writing a ticket he will bust you for indecent exposure. Or perhaps "Assault with a dead weapon".

Oh... you meant whip the PAPER out.

Never mind.

My guess is since I've never been asked what year my bike is at sound check that a competition motorcycle is one that is entered in a race on a race track.

The only reference I can find regarding the definition of a 'competition OHV' is on the Calif OHV noise regualtion web page. It states

"Competition off-highway vehicles are those that are not manufactured to comply with EPA noise or California emission standards. For information on the designation of your OHV, refer to your owner's manual or contact your local dealership."

Since we are not able to dual-sport our bikes in CA anymore (mostly) due to not having a california emissions compliance sticker, then you could be a resonable jump of logic that our bkes are 'competition ohv's" since they are 'not manufactured to comply with ...California emission standards'. Maybe?

Just out of curiousity do you all consider the HRC tip on the 650R to be loud? I really have nothing to compare it to and I didn't find it abnoxious but a little loud. Sure doesn't sound like a wide open 450. Loudest bike I think I have heard was a Raptor 660 with some sort of race pipe.

Here is a listing of test results from random testing of actual OHV's at OHV riding areas in California.

These test results could have a variance of +/- 1.5db as spelled out in the "J1287 Exhaust Sound Testing Standard", Apendix A.1 as shown here.

This is broken down my mfg, and then by model/cc displacement. It also lists any exhaust modifications, if known, and the resulting sound dbA reading. It should give you a ball-park.

Hope this helps.

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