Gunga in my Carb

Hey guys,

Hoping some of you seasoned mechanics can help me out here. I have limited experience with four stroke carbs, so I wanted to get a second opinion on some deposits I found on my slide and top cover recently when replacing the needle.

The carb is off my 03 WR450, which has about 1200 miles on it since new (mostly desert riding). When I first took the top cover off to get at the needle, I noticed that roughly half the inside cover surface was covered with a light brown residue which looks supiciously like dust. The slide had darker deposits on both sides around the edges, the majority being on the side facing the air cleaner. The intake tract is otherwise clean, and I'm pretty meticulous about cleaning my air filter. I suspect I might have a vacuum leak at the cover, even though the rubber seal appears normal and the cover screws were not loose. The bike idles and runs fine, so I'm a bit puzzled......


1. Is it normal for a four stroke carb to develop deposits on the slide and cover surface over time?

2. Anyone else ever have this problem?

3. I have pictures - how do you post JPEG images on this forum?


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