Aftermarket Pipe opinions...which is the best?

ok, heres the deal, i want to get a pipe for the ol' 05 450f and was wondering what the best pipe would be for it. I would like to get more beef off the bottom for coming out of corners. i was thinking about going with the fmf ti-4 silencer slip-on, any opinions?

I put the Ti-4 on my '03 and I love it. It really rocks the bottom and mid-range very well.

Get yourself a White Brothers E2

Great pipe has a quiet insert that is 96db and the surprise is you wont mis a whole lot in power range.

You can remove it for race as well.

Dr.D pipe works well for me.. 98-99db

I really like the stock pipe on the 05. I put a complete Dr.d system on my 05 from my 03 and I like the feel of the stocker better.

I think the stocker feels more smooth...

the only company the has what you really want is Yosh!

any of the systems are good!

I agree with riderman! Yoshimura is the only way to go!!!

Just put a yosh on mine yesterday, Gonna get to try it tommarrow can't wait., The fit and finish is excellent.

Get yourself a White Brothers E2

Great pipe has a quiet insert that is 96db and the surprise is you wont mis a whole lot in power range.

You can remove it for race as well.

I agree! I had the E-series promeg with the tapered head pipe. I will only buy that pipe or the E2 again!

i was lookin at a yosh first, but the price scared me away, i was really leanin toward the fmf ti-4, but i don't know, anyone know a good website to buy from or does anyone have one for sale for under 200?

you guys should give pro circuit ti-4 a shot it will do wounders way more then the fmf ti-4!!! :cry:

DrD seems to be one of the best pipes out there for the 450F. Not to mention one of the cheapest. That's what is going on my bike after I'm done with all the other stuff I'm doing to it.

i really wanna try the powerbomb head pipe first witht he stock yz silencer than it i like that i will look at a new silencer as well

I run a yosh and would never run anything else, but it doesnt add a lot to the bottom. I think its a better pipe because it just keeps on reving when the other pipes will cut out. A friend of mine got a Thunder Ally and he said the low end was awsome with it.

I think you should go with a Thunder Alley. It is absolutley awesome on the bottom....especially out of corners. Much cheaper than many others also.

I have had one on my 426 and now on my 450...they are great. I recently broke my pipe and had to send it back to TA for repair. I put the stock exhaust back comparison. I realize how good the TA pipe is. Corners that I pulled out of in 3rd, I now have to shift down to second. The TA pipe adds a truck load of bottom end power.

I am a lugger. I tend to lug the bike and let the torque pull me out of corners. The extra low end is great for that.

I am sure that many other pipes are good, but for the price and performance, TA is hard to beat.

Big Gun !!!

I like the FMF Ti4 system with the Power Bomb header on my '03. Spreads out the power, and eliminates the blip that the stock exhaust creates at about 8000 that a lot of people mistake for a "hit".

However, a lot of the tests and comparisons I've seen on pipes for the '05, which is cammed and tuned differently, seem to show the Dr.D exhaust is a better choice for that bike. Not really a surprise, considering the influence Dubach apparently had in the making of the '05.

i like the sound of the TA pipe, but were can i get one? and do the slip-ons work good or do i need the whole system?

oh man are those things ugly

you just need the slip on unless you want a lowboy system

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