Aftermarket Pipe opinions...which is the best?

It's too bad the Thunder Alley looks like a D- student welded it to gether in a junior high shop class. :):p:)

Yoshimura, #1 exhaust systems in the world :)

I have a Yoshimira system on my bike. This weekend I dented the head pipe. I am going to look at Motoman383's website and try that, but if I have to get a new head pipe do I have go with a Yoshi or can I go with a different brand? I guess my question is: are they a matched system?

I Bolted On A Jardine Rt Four And It Rips! You Get More Power From The Low Rpm's All The Way Through. Not Only That It Looks Good And The Shot Peened Finish On The Can Is Different.


YZ 450


I would say for the money, the White Brothers E2 is a good buy and offers track or trail setup.

well guys i'm lookin at possibly getting a pipe for the beast this summer too and i've been doing some research... looks like the jarddine rt-four delivers the biggest hp gains everywhere.. i would like to know if anyone else has this pipe and what they think of it.. what other mods do you have on your bike?? high compression piston and hot cams would probably be coming next on my list.. soon as its time for rebuild the high compression piston for sure..

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