Installed new Edelbrock Carb WOW!

Put my new edelbrock carb on today and what a difference. After riching the main three clicks and the pump adjustment a 1/2 a turn the thing is awsome. There are no flat spots and this thing is like another bike. Now I know what everyone has talked about. Well worth the money.

:cry: sweet what did the carb run you and where did you get it? Looking at picking one up. :cry::cry:

I got the carb kit off of ebay for 350.00. It came with two needles, twist throttle, and cables. Just look on ebay for xr650 and edelbrock. You should get a hit. I looked and now he has the carbs for 399.00. I'm not sure why they are moore now but I did get it in 3 days from CA and I live in PA.

just did a search one Ebay and found the Edelbrock carb listed at $299.95 100 available ends Jan 22 :cry:

the ebay auction is for the xr650l

OIC...... :cry:

Thanks :cry:

Got my Edelbrock carb from Barnums. Check them out a Rob had the lowest price when I got mine about 8 months ago. Also, great service quick shipping and very personable to deal with.

I got my second Edelbrock and took it down to Edelbrock to have it bored larger. They are sooooooo, great Chris, Jason the whole lot of them! Jason took the carburetor and had it apart and bored and back to me in no time. Cost me nothing because it was still new, un-used. That is killer service!

The Edelbrock on my 680cc is bored to 40mm X 42mm

Here is the dyno charts: Click Here to see Dyno Page: :cry:

My XR650R page is here: :cry:

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