Acerbis + Pro-taper = Can't use 'em

I'd like to use my Acerbis hand guards but they don't work with Pro-Taper bars because of the radii issue. I looked high and low on Acerbis website to no avail. Don't they have brackets that will work with oversized bars? If nothing else I'll add it to my project list for the mini-mill. Nothing a boring bar can't solve.

hey, cool. thanks. But at $29 I think this just became a project for the mill. Being able to make/modify your own stuff is dangerous.

I would go the triple clamp route. Easier to mill, and it seems that my tapered bar clamps don't stay positioned real well when you use the bark busters for their intended purpose. On a ride not too long ago, I drug the throttle side on the ground (but still managed to save the get off), the bark buster and clamp rotated so far that it kinked the break line!

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