Magura Clutch

Morning and a happy new year to you all!!!! I have puchased a Magura Hydrolic clutch for my YZ 426 2002 but cant seem to get it to work. I have bled the sysytem, I think, but no joy, any suggestions please :cry::cry:

I have the Magura Jack system for about 18 months now. You cannot bleed the slave cylinder without the Magura vacuum bleeding kit. The slave cylinder must be completely air free to work. I had to tap mine for 10 minutes while using the pump and vacuum method to completely bleed it before connecting the hydraulic line. You need to be careful not to get air in. I hold the cylinder level with the port facing up and have the line just above it hanging down by the ground. I then add fluid to the master until it is flowing out the bottom of the line and then carefully bolt on the line. This allows you to get to a sucessful set up. You still need to do a final bleed to the line above at the master. :cry:

Excellent, I will try it out, really appreciate the advice :applause:Sorry one last thing, you mention the final bleed to the line above the master, could you explain this one as not sure how to bleed the system once connected to the slave??

Just unbolt the master unit and hold it upright so the air flows up to the top while you pump the lever. With the proper bleed the lever will firm up and the slave cylinder will pull your clutch in fully. :cry:

Cheers mate :cry:

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