I had my third ride today on MX track after installing rekluse. I am really enjoying the clutch it has taken the stress away from worrying about stalling. Last week I also installed the rekluse hand rear brake lever but that is taken a bit to get use to, I keep going for the rear brake lever which is not there and pulling in the hand brake lever thinking it is the clutch. I suppose it takes awhile to change 30 years riding of riding habits.

But I did have a problem today, I stalled the bike 3 times when using rear brake to level bike going over a tabletop jump which is not a pleasant experience. I don't know why the bike stalled as I can put the bike in and out of gear easily and while riding with the wheel on the ground I can lock up the rear wheel without stalling. Anyone have any ideas why it would stall in the air?

The other thing I have noticed that if you push the clutch actuating lever (I don't use the perch adjuster) while the motor is running to engage clutch it feels very knotchy as apposed with the motor off it is a smooth action.

At times riding out of slow corners the clutch engages aggressively and not progressively is this normal?

Thanks for any info on these problems.


Kaj Coulter


The stalling has happened to me as well, only I've not left terra firma-only highsided on logs.

My Rekluse has roughly an hour on her and I have nothing but praise. I think growing pains during the break-in are only to be expected.

My clutch lever is still attached, and is buttery smooth-just like gov't issue. I do have the clutch perch adaptor from rekluse installed, have the light spring more suited for woods, and have the engagement spring in the perch adaptor adjusted to where I have to give her some revs before she'll move.

You might need to take up more slack (tighten the Rekluse Spring with the adjustor) on the Rekluse supplied spring where it attaches to the clutch actuator arm.

But if in doubt, give Pat-I think that's his name a call at Rekluse. A very helpful guy.


I would tend to agree here as well. One other item to look at is your stall speed. You may simply have to raise the idle or lower just a tad I would say lower.

I would suggest this

if it is stallng in the air, this means your wheel is free to spin at the speed the motor is idle at. If it is a high idle this would cause the rekluse to engage

hit the rear break stall the motor becuase of no resistance

Test it this way

Get the bike to operating temp

place on stand rear wheel free and running, (Kids dont try this at home Only a Trained professinal shoudl do this, get your parents permissin :cry: ) stick in 2nd and or 3rd whatever gear your stalling at. Blip the throttle & Lock the rear brake, I would bet it stalls

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