radiator braces

do they really help,are they worth the cost.trashed my radiator friday anyone know of a repair shop that can fix dirtbike radiators.

I just ordered these guards for my 426. Seem like they'll offer good protection for side impacts as well as front.

I'll have to wait until they arrive to see how well they work.

i have devol radiator guards. they definately work. i had a nice little fall out in ocotillo(actually mid rpm in 3rd gear pinned) and it bent the rad. guard a lil. would have wasted my radiator if i didnt have the guards.

I got tired of sending my radiators out for repair. Got a set of Rooster Performance guards and they've held up to some spectacular crashes.


I have works connection braces and they have saved my rads many times over :cry:

Another vote for Rooster Performance. If the white wrinkles in my shrouds are any indication, I would say the guards have done their job, cause my radiators are FINE!

Another vote for devol :cry:

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