Scotts Damper Question?

Does anybody know if a Scotts damper will fit a stock 2005 WR450F? I have read that the cross bar on the stock Renthal bars that come with the WR interfere with the damper. I have also read that Renthal makes a bowed cross bar but will not sell it seperately. :cry:

I would wait until Scotts makes a complete kit for the 05 with rubber mounted Pro taper bars and new top triple clamp. You choose your bend and they wil send you a complet kit. If you dont like the vibration on the WR or ride a lot you will want the rubber mounted bars. I think the 05 frame is different in the steering head to provide a lower center of gravity feel over the previous models. So I would confirm the 05 kit is different than an 03/04 kit. I am real happy with my complete Scotts kit and have had in on the bike since January 2003 without even bending the bars. :cry: The rubber mounts and bark busters really protect the bars. Tha bark busters take a beating and I end up putting new ones on every 6 months. :cry:

Scotts makes the kit now for the 05.. :cry:

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