Help for a newbie modding his 05 wr450

Hello. I just got my new '05 wr450. I've been following the threads on this list, as well as reading other reviews, before I purchased the bike - I didn't see a lot of bad press about the bike, other than people here grumbling over the necessary mods. :cry: So hopefully I made the right decision.

Either way, I've upgraded to this bike from my Honda '81 XR500, which still runs like a champ. I never found it to need any tweaks - its always preformed great for what I liked to do. But the new wr450 has a few issues. I'm new to tearing about carbs and rejetting stuff, so I was hoping someone could shed some light on a few of things I may need to do to this bike.

My bike seems to run way too lean at my altitude. I'm between 800 and 900ft. When I'm idling, or going slow, it will die. Is this something that can be cured by installing a Zip-Ty screw? Do I need to take the carb apart and push the plug out from the inside? I'm not sure exactly how to do that mod.

Does the grey wire mod make it run any better at low RPMs? I've considered running a wire to the handlebars ( someone posted this ) and installing a switch for the grey wire, so I can choose the timing.

Jetting is something totally new to me. I read a lot about people complaining the new 05 doesn't have adjustable jets. If I replace the stock ones, how easy is it to adjust them once they're installed? I'm currently at 800-900 feet, but later this summer I'm going out to Colorado at about 8000-9000 ft (SW of Denver, in the mtns). This area is new to me, and the one friend I ride with doesn't do this stuff either, so I have no one to draw experience from first hand.

I plan on getting the bike plated as well - can anyone suggest a place to buy a new ignition switch, so I can replace the stock button with a key?

Are there any aftermarket fan kits for the radiator for this bike? Someone was complaining about it boiling over, possibly due to the smaller radiator on the 05. I had it out yesterday when it was about 60F outside, and the radiator was very hot. Considering most of my riding is trails, I'm not moving a lot of air through that radiator as I would be if I were crusing at 40mph.

Thanks for all the help!


I strongly recommend you do some searches on all the forums for your answers. You have many questions and most if not all of the answers have been discussed fully. :cry:

if you are going to ask questions that have been asked lots befor. at least make them point form :cry:

As others have this forum will give you all the answers you need.

But in short:

Order a JD Jetting kit (see the store on this site) and install as per instructions.

Cut (or unplug) the grey wire (no hangle bar switch needed).

Install a ZipTy screw for easy adjustments (you need to remove the little plug that is on the 05 that covers the hole).

You bike will run like a champ when you are done.

Detailed instructions for the above are posted and reposted on this forum by others and are easy to do. All the above should take you no more then 2 hours if you do it very slow. :cry:

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