98 yz 400f opinions?

Just wondering what the down low on the 98 yz 400f is. Reliable?, Starting, suspension etc. Any info would be great, I am thinking about picking one up

thanks in advance

Be prepared to send $2,000. rebuilding her. Unless the bike has truley been used very very little. You should be able to pick her up for under $1,000.

My point is you can get an 02 yz/wr 426 used for about $3,000. It is always a tough decision when the bike is that old.

Well...I have a 98 YZ400. A bit harsh suspension-wise for trail/woods riding. Damn strong engine.

Mine has been stone cold reliable in very rocky east coast terrain. Once you learn the trick to starting it ... then it's not too bad. Not 2 stroke easy....but livable. (That being said...I recently bought a wr450 so I could get the electric starter for hare scrambles.)

if possible I would go with a 2001 or newer... tons of improvment over the previous years...

The newer models are much nicer. Yamaha learned quite a bit in the 1st 2 years of the YZF's. But thats not to say that the 98-99's arn't decent bikes. The worst parts about the 98 I would think is the carb is a tad crude compared to the newer models. That and its a tank ie very heavy.

If the bike hasn't had it done yet, you should at least re-ring it. Install new timing chain, and shim the valves. That shouldn't cost ya much more than $100 if you do it yourself. Timing chain is very important if it hasn't had it done. Last year saw a rash of timing chain failers on the 99 yzfs'. It may need a clutch also. they dont last forever.

The bike will also probably need a good lube job ie linkages, as well as new suspension fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze...yada yada yada... you get the idea.

I agree that the newer models have awesome improvements. But...I have a 98YZ400F and love it. It has NEVER left me stranded! And as far as needing repairs; this past spring I tore mine down for a chunked 4th gear and freshened up the top end, which I must admit was still in pretty impressive shape for 6 years old! Only now am I replacing the timing chain as preventative maintenance. If you KNOW it hasn't been run hard and put away wet, all the YZF's are a machine worthy of a look. :cry:

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