sealed bearings

where might one find sealed bearings for the front wheel?

any local bearing supply place. look in the phone book.

I get mine from

Pivot Works or All Balls are the best aftermarket kit brands.

I go through front wheel bearings twice as fast as rears for some reason? Must be all that mud we ride Bob. The dust seals on the front wheel cut a groove in the aluminum spacer quickly and muddy water gets in. :cry:

thanx dan,ya i need to order a new set of spacers , does anyone make a better replacement for those?

Zip Ty Racing has some nice hardened and coated wheel spacers but they come in pairs and you cant use the right side on the WR . :cry:

where might one find sealed bearings for the front wheel?

NCMM, I installed a set on my WR426 (sold now) and I got the "Pivot Works" and they were rubber sealed. I dont k now the bearing numbers for the front wheel of a WR, but they are a standard size. If you could get the size from someone in here, ie 6202 (example size), just convert it to 6202-2RS (the 2 RS means two rubber seals, a 1RS is the same, but a seal on one side, open on the other) and call a local bearing supplier or get the pivot works set. There is also "sheilded" bearing, these have a metal sheild, and are not sealed, but look like it. These are only good for bearings next to heat. They will be ID'd like 6202-2XX, avoid sheilded, get rubber sealed. I looked at the Yamaha Fiche to see if there was a bearing size hidden in the part number. It may be a 6403, if it is, get a 6403-2RS. But these sizes are only speculation on my part. Not sure if they are correct. Good luck :cry:

thanx i'll try the pivot works they are $22 from rocky mtn. what would you have to do in order to use that right side spacer just pull out that odo drive crap or is the whole configuration different than the yz?

cool thanx dan,the list gets longer!! which one do you think would be of better quality? the barnum looks lower quality. but it is that cool blue!!

if you don't want to wait, just go to the local bearing shop. they will have them in stock. just give them the # and say you want it sealed. might be cheaper too.

Hey Indy and anyone else,

If your seals are wearing the wheel collars, you could/should have a pair made out of hard stainless steel by any decent engineering shop. Made a pair for my 426 and my mates KTM myself - have never worn out since !


Good call I have gone through 3 front wheel spacers already and just installed the coated Hard anodized Zip Ty unit. I will see how long they last. SS would wear pretty well. But I am always amazed at how the softer material cuts through the harder materials. Just like the water pump shaft and water seal. :cry:


If you decide to go down that rout, give the engineering shop your old collars and explain to them you want some made exactly the same but without the worn in grooves - they would be able to do it. They may even come up with an idea of removing the optimum amount of material to make them relatively light, with SS being a heavier material than aluminium.

Cool! :cry: I got access to a full machine shop for special parts I may try that next time. Thanks. :cry:

The front wheel bearings for the WR450F are 6904Z . Buy KOYO or any other good Japanese make, the other stuff just doesn´t last. Now just for my curiosity, why would you need a new set of wheel spacers, those last forever.

NOTE: On my former 426 rear-wheel I did not service the the bearings timely, which caused the balls to get out of the bearing which entered into the HUB and literally worked their way out. SO TIMELY CHANGE YOUR BEARINGS, the should cost less than R$15 a pair.

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