For Sale: "Like New" A.I.S.

Finally got around to installing Lowedogs' a.i.s. eliminator kit for the '05 WR450. It is extremely clean (better than I expected) and painless to install. The only snag I personally ran in to was the plug for the air boot. With a little coaxing and ALOT of cussing I got it properly installed. Maybe if I followed his instructions better instead of trying to cheat it would have gone quicker. Why is it sometimes short-cuts seem to prolong the pain?!?!? Anyway, for anyone looking to remove the a.i.s. contact lowedog. He really did a great job on this kit and will make your 05 that much nicer. OR, if you really like the thing (ais) you can buy mine ...

Does it actually RUN any different with it off? From what I've read, it just causes a mild backfire...

OR, if you really like the thing (ais) you can buy mine ...

Who wants an AIS! :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Will this work on my 04 :cry:

Will this work on my 04 :cry:

I hope you are joking??????????

:cry: Haaaaa!!!! :cry: just wana make uncle scam happy"NOT"!!

I found an excellentuse for my AIS system. This is no joke. My son lodged a small basketball in the tree in front of the house. I couldn't find another ball so I grabbed the AIS from the work bench and chucked it at the ball. It took about five shots to knock the ball out of the tree. After crashing down to the street five times it was a bent up mess. I did one more end-zone spike in the street, then placed it gently in the trash can. Thank you Yamaha!!

any one have a good picture of an AIS? in or off the bike. or pics of the removal?

Sorry for that dumb question but what is an AIS? :cry:

its an ugly smog pump they put on the US 2004 wr450.

The AIS is a percision very expensive fishing weight.disigned buy yamaha and will change fishing as we know it.

Here are some pictures from the original post.

Pictures of AIS

Sorry for that dumb question but what is an AIS? :cry:

Simply is a small air valve mounted to the frame on 05's where the rectifier used to be. The valve uses manifold vaccuum to open and close. The valve allows air from the airbox to enter the exhaust stream at the header. Thus in theory helping to burn the fuel mixture better??? Who knows :cry:

Most like mine are paper weights only minutes after our bikes were in the garage for the first time!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

How much ? :cry::cry::cry:

thows are pictures of the eliminator plugs. i want to see what the pump on the bike looks like. or off the bike. what was removed, i still havnt seen one.

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