Leak Jets

Anybody know of any on-line sources for Keihin leak jets and pilot air jets? I didn't see these offered at the TT store.

I dont think Sudco carries all of the jets but you can try them or Yamaha parts online with somone like Yamaha of Troy. Look for optional jet parts for the carb under the YZ 450 03 microfiche. The #35 & #40 leak jets exist in the Yamaha inventory but I remember having to guess the part number based on the number sequence for the part numbers for the 50,60 & 70 leak jets. Then it showed up on the dealers computer. :cry:




Thanks Indy, you are quite the prolific Post-Meister!

Thanks Indy, you are quite the prolific Post-Meister!

Actually I am the forums prolific Reply-Meister. :lol: Marcusmoberg is our resident Post-Meister! :cry:

I would rather be riding this weekend but the motor is in the rebuild stage and so is the rest of the bike! :cry::cry::cry:

So I am posting on weekends when I normally dont. Therefore you guys will see me a lot these next few weekends! :cry:

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