Big Bore WR450?

Anyone ever look into a big bore kit for their 03 WR450? I have found a couple online but wanted to hear if anyone has had any experiences with any.


I doubt if any TT members have had a chance to big bore their 450. I would have done the Falicon heavy stroker crank option 502 kit if I had more time. It can take over 8 weeks to get the parts back so you may be looking at up to 3 months of down time. I was not prepared for this and ran out of time. I know one of the guys that races and works their did his WR450 with their 502 kit heavy stroker crank. I am going with the maxpower 490 kit to save time and I will end up doing the Falicon crank next rebuild. :cry:


These kits look like they are over two grand. :cry::cry: Maybe next time just buy the KTM 525 which would have been about 500 more than the WR450. :cry:

I've had better luck thru Millenium Technogies@920-893-5595. I have heard of bad results other places and have always been happy with them. They have always gave me fast sevice on all my cylinders.

502cc droooooollllllll :cry:

you think that the stroker crank would make it rev a bit slower {that is a good thing} with a YZ cam??

i would love to jam one of them in my WR but $2200us :cry::cry:

i could trade in my wr on a 525exc for that much difference.

i think these kits are for people who have to race on a yami.

if 100 of you guys all want to pitch in $20 i will take the 6-8 week down time :cry: . i will tell you if is OK or not :cry:

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