yz426 jetting for HAWAII

Hello Everyone,

I need some help...I have a 2002 yzf and for the life of me can't get the beast started. I was hoping someone would be able to offer what is the proper jetting for the bike being based in a tropic climate and at sea level. Our normal temps range from 75-90 and the humidity can get pretty high. Any suggestions would be greatly apperciated. Also will be trying to install the hot cams exhaust cam with the decomp. Hopefully this will help also.


thanks that is perfect

i tried and my jetting is stock with 162 and such. So I am not far off. As the excel spreadsheet recommended 160. So that should not be to far off.

Still is a beast to start as I can not get it to start. I hoping the cam will help.

If it is hard starting, be sure the pilot jet is clean. Also check that the hot start is not stuck in the bore, the plug is clean (or just install a new plug) and check the valve clearances.

Other than that, it is just time on the bike getting use to how it starts.

you know it's got the calculator on the second sheet the tells you the clip location and pilot jet size as well

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