Converting to a 18" wheel on the YZF....

Will a WR wheel bolt on? How much money would it cost to convert my current hub over to a 18" rim? Thanks. :cry:

WR wheels will bolt on.

If you want a 18" rim on your hub, you need a 18" spoke set, 18" rim, 18" rim band, 18" tube and 18" tire. Go price these items at your local dealer and then add about 1-2 hours of labor for lacing and trueing.

or just buy a wr wheel complete, i have one at home, and i keep my paddle tire on it, its a direct switch.

the wheel is a bit spendy though

What The Heck Would You Want To Do That For Anyway?

Yes, a complete rear wheel off of a WR will bolt onto your YZ. The rear wheels are the same except for the rim size.

To change out your current 19" rim to an 18" rim you'll need a rim, spoke set, rim band, tube, and a tire. You're going to have to do the pricing, but there's the parts list. You may also have to pay a shop to mount and true the 18", unless if you can do it yourself.

And to answer the poster that said why do it; because the 18" is a much better tire for off-road purposes. Plus, it's a heck of a lot easier changing out an 18" tire over a 19".

What The Heck Would You Want To Do That For Anyway?

To run a trials tire.

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