throttle stop mod

Anyone tried using a few small lock washers on the throttle stop bolt rather than cutting it down? Just a thought.

No ive not tryed lock washers, by the look of it i dont think there would be enough room. Its just best to bite the bullet and put a yz screw in part no.5jg-14591-00

hope this helps.

I just cut mine yesterday, and I was thinking the exact same thing. Given how INSANE the bike seems now, it would be a good first step!

I don’t think there would be enough thread left on the bolt to back it off enough to get the full effect. But, it would probably work and give you more throttle than stock if you can still get about 1.5 turns on the bolt.

At Last a Part number... just what I was after Thanks

I ordered a 2005 YZ450F stop for my 2005 WR450F and it was $13 Can. It makes me feel better knowing its right and that my throttle won't stick wide open. If you remove the stop and twist the throttle(not running) it will stick wide open it did for me SCARY.

For a 2004 YZ450F its carb part 60 part #5JG-14591-00-00 .SCREW and for a 2005 YZ450F carb part 61 part # is the same.

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