red hot pipe

The thinner, lighter stainless setup from DRD will cherry all the way back to the frame bolt when pulling off a night moto. People point at it and warn me that it's red! "Hey! Is that 'sposed to git that hot?" :)

My head pipe did that really bad. I found out I had an exhaust leak where the header slips onto the pipe. Check out for any pin holes or leaks with your hand while it's running. Mine stopped getting red after I fixed it.

hahah yeah glowing pipe is cool !!

i enjoy watching my xr riding friends say wow !!! and also see them light up a marlboro on the head pipe hehhe :)

Agree ^^^^

Hey man try starting your bike at Night in the dark, now thats a red hot pipe ! :):)

if my 99yz400 pops on decel, what should i do with the jets to correct that. I'm at sea level by the way

Header wrap is the only way to go. Just dont shred it with the power washer. :)

Hey Brock, try adjusting the air mixture screw on the bottom of the carb, it sounds like you are a bit too lean. If I am thinking right, turn it in for richer out for leaner. I use to mess with mine all of the time until I bought the JD Jetting kit now it just seems to run right all of the time so I don't need to futz around with the air screw much at all anymore. BTW the stock setting is about 1/2 turns out from fully closed.

this is brock1732 on my friends name. About the yz400....

i thought it was out for richer and in for leaner? I'm thinking about probably about 1/2 turns richer. Also, I have another problem, this probably has to do with fuel mixture also. When I rev it and let go of the gas, the idle stays high for a few seconds and then falls back down to normal idle. One more, I've been trying to adjust my idle but it seems like the idle screw is stuck and won't move clockwise or counter?

I have an 02yz426 and my header has always glowed red at idle. This has never bothered me before, untill I made the bike road legal. Now that its on the road, the pipe will glow right around the bend on the pipe while idling at the red lights. I never used to let the bike idle this long in the dirt or at the track. Do you guys think it will hurt the engine to idle more than a few minutes? Any suggestion on a new header that is thicker and is more resistant to the heat? (maybe to help prevent radiator boilover?) .........thanks!

Leave it alone, the thicker pipe is going to HOLD more heat because it is more material= more stored heat. Yamaha does know a thing or two SO STAY AWAY FROM the thicker stuff. And im not so sure that wraping the pipe IS a good idea either, JMO :):)

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