Duh...me big busa...

me like-um big cc.

me think-um big cc better.

me still like-um boots.

what-um bout-um me-um?

Screw-um you-um.

Lets ride...then we'll talk more about victims :)

don U tink U awt to LERN how to ride B 4 U start tawkin like that..... BB ?

R U still fraid to ryd a xr100 ?

methinks U R

WUUUUSSSSY ! (with a P)

Wow! Weve gotten harsh around here.

Im deleteing all pictures of me off my hard drive right now, just so one dosent accidently slip through the cracks someday.

Whew! Brutal!


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

I asked the very same question about adding an XR forum a while back. Since one was never added I have decided to sell my XR and buy a WR.

Check out egroups.com, they have an xr400 mailing/discussion group that's really helpful.


98 XR400, soon to have a 01 WR250F

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