? about Clarke tank

After installing the Clarke tank w/YZ tank a few months ago I have noticed that it is starting to rub on the shock reservoir where it mounts on to the shock. I am affraid that with the weight of the tank and pressure from the seat that it could possible wear through, or atleast weaken the tank. To correct this problem I put some foam used for weather stripping on the frame in addition to the factory foam, but it does not have enough density to space the tank up enough. I am thinking of putting some rubber on the frame instead. Does this sound like a good idea? Has anyone else had this problem? :cry::cry:

Yes, on my 02wr the tank rested on the reservois also and barely cleared the kick starter. I placed a hard rubber mat that was about 1/2 inch thick under the rear - everything fit better after that. No problems at all after 3 years. I would think styrofoam would work well also.

Thanks for the tip. I have a piece of rubber that is close to 1/2" thick that should do the trick. :cry::cry: Anyone else have this problem? :cry:

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