DID VM X-Ring chain - subframe contact

I just put an IronMan sprocket combo and DID VM X-Ring chain on my 04-450.

I took it out last week for the maiden ride and everything was great.

When I cleaned my bike after the ride, I noticed where the chain hit the subframe a little at some point. Not a lot at all but it did make contact.

The chain does look to be on the loose side of "spec".

Could it be that it was just a little loose due to the initial stretch, letting it hit the subframe, and I should tighten it up and forget about it?

Could it have just been a freak combo of the right jump angle, suspension compression, chain tightness, etc. that let this happen and it is nothing to worry about?

Any opionions would be great. Again, it doesn't look like it made much contact at all but it did hit at some point.


The chain should never hit the subframe. The chain will stretch after the first time use so re-adjusting will be needed. I use the three finger rule. By placing three fingers on top of the swingarm protecter the chain should be tight against your fingers.

My guess would be the chain was loose. The DID VM chain is an excellent chain and should last a very long time. It will stretch a little the first ride or two, and after that it should be relatively maintenance free for quite some time. Go by the measurements in the book and remember to set the chain slack at the TIGHTEST point. i.e. if you change the slack, rotate the tire 1/4 turn, check again, rotate, etc... the slack will change slightly as the chain rolls around. Use the tightest spot to set the slack.

I keep my chain adjusted properly, but it still hits the subframe.

I've seen the same complaint from others on this site.

I made a rub plate out of 1/4" thick nylon, about 6" long, radiused on 4 sides, and zip-tied onto the subframe.

No more worries. :cry:

Mine is hitting inside the subframe also :cry: My chain is never loose :cry: I see some welding in the future

They all hit the subframe when cornering left! I have bolted on a plastic wear strip to protect the aluminum sub frame. This is common on all the 2003/4/5 YZ/WR frames. :cry:

Yep I have the same problem! I am going to put in a piece of Delrin in the place where it rubs!

My DID ERT does not and has never touched my subframe or swingarm with Ironman sprockets on my 03, I do not care which way you turn..............Xring must be wider........I am not a supporting fan of oring or XRing chains on MX only bikes...period!(but that is my opinion only) The WR comes with oring chain...my 01 did not rub...so something ain't right.... :cry:

maybe way more than 3fingers worth of adjustment at the end of the top chain guide??????????

I was at Cycle Gear and was looking at their chart of different DID chain. On the side of the chart are each sample of the chain side plate. The X-ring type did look slightly larger than the O-ring type.

The stock junk DID cain does it too, and that chain is very small!

Thunmper38 is right, the stock chain even rubs. I have upgraded to a Ironman sprocket :cry: as welll and a new ek chain and it rubs, :cry: and I do have the chain tightened correctly. I even took my bike to mach 1 motorsports, (the mach 1 racing team) and the team mechanic even looked at it. He said that he had encountered the same problems and that my chain was tightened just right. And to make up some kind of rub plate. I welded a piece of 1/8 aluminum flat bar about 2 inches long and it is protecting the subframe. :cry: But I still hate that it even rubs, :lol: it should not be doing any rubbing on that part. I wish there was a fix :cry: but so far I have not seen one. Someone should take some accurate measurements of a bike that rubs there and one that does not. :cry:

I looked at my bike last night (04 YZ450) and couldn't find any marks from the chain. Where does it actually rub or touches? I would also like to protect it with some kind of nylon padding. My drive chain is the stock one still.

On mine, it rubbed along the subframe on the inside, from where the chain rests on the slider to up to the upper chain roller. It didn't rub the entire way but just a couple of small nicks in that general area.

I'll probably cut a small thin piece of material and either zip tie or silicon it to the inside of the subframe in that area.

I got to thinking, maybe the master link is a little wider than the other links and it is what is hitting? How about turning the master link around, so the clip is on the inside instead of the outside? That way, the wider part would be on the inside and not hit the subframe? I haven't been out to the garage to measure the link so I don't know if this is a good theory or not.

Have fun.

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