Sold Engine, Parting the 426 Out.....

Sold the engine , carb & electronics. Parting the rest of my "Cherry '01" YZF426 out. I have everything else including a "Zip-Tye" suspension link and a coated Thunder Alley exhaust system. email me at or PM me with your wants and needs.Everyhting is excellent to new condition and I'll forward pictures of items. I am offering all the TT members this first and will start Ebaying the rest next week. Thanks! :cry:

How much did you let the engine go for?

Sent pictures of the rims.

please send pics of forks/tripleclamps/frt brake setup/rims(back&frt)/rear shock.

got a super motard in which I would like to slap on dirt stuff.


airboy808 [at] yahoo . com

PLEASE, everyone who is emailing in there parts want /wish list, PLEASE put your part(s) in the subject line of the email. That way I can keep the requests in order and honor the first come first served approach. When I have to keep searching previous emails buy name I may miss someone and accidently screw something up (I know I can, I've seen me do it!) Thanks everyone and keep the requests coming. :cry:

"airboy808" check your email tonight for pictures. By the way, your "number" is the same as my Son's. :cry:

Update! Following items sold, still have everything else including extra "JMC" suspension (front forks and shock) and a "SDG" black seat standard height. Thank you all that have bought / responded. :cry:

Sold items:

Engine, carb, electronics & stock headpipe

Front & Rear wheel assemblies w /brake rotors

radiators L & R

Thunderalley coated exhaust

Everything else still available at "motivated seller" pricing! :cry:

email me at for pictures.

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