xr400 v's xr650r

I own at the moment an xr400 and want your advice on the xr650r, i like the lightness of the 400 but want more power. (my xr400 has had mods done)

I mainly ride trail and mountains and like pulling wheelies the most. The problem for me is the cost of a big bore and carb is say £500 - £700 or i could sell my xr400 and buy an xr650r and have money left over. I would appreciate your coments

When in need to go faster buy a faster bike. Go for the 650, uncorck it and maybe get a carb, you should love it.

I agree with Outrider, the XR400 is a very good bike, but the 650R, uncorked/jetted of course, is much, much more powerful, not in the same league at all. And it carries it weight pretty well, it's a more modern chassis design than the XR400 and you really don't feel the weight as much as you might think. I say that, but after riding my KX500, my XR650R feels like a huge giant heavy rough riding hard seated slow pig of a bike, but I still keep it because I have it street legal and it's a stone reliable bike with tons of low end torque.

If you ride a lot if tight trails, nerd you would be dissapointed with the XR650 compared to an XR400. The bike weighs in around 12 kilograms (or 25 pounds) more than a 400 (I've owned both), and doesn't carry that weight as well due to the radiators etc. I found that it was simply too much bike for tight bush (woods), too much power, too much weight (unless you're he-man!). But in the open it's a VERY different story believe me! This decision obviously depends on how much tight riding you're going to be doing. Hope this helps!


Have both bikes and the xr650r is more of a good thing. :cry:

I have a 650r also and man is it heavy on the single track stuff. I rode a freinds 400 and thought about buying one but still wanted the power of a 650. Ended up keeping the 650 and buying a 04 wr450(first ever blue bike). Working on breaking it in and so far am really impressed with it. It will of course require more maintenance than the 650 but for the tight stuff its a good trade off. The power is there just in different spots. Good tractorability on the 450 a little higher rpm than 650 but won't touch it on the highend. I am a dyed in the wool red guy but my yammy is taking no back seat to it. Good luck

I own at the moment an xr400 and want your advice on the xr650r, i like the lightness of the 400 but want more power. (my xr400 has had mods done)

These bikes really don't compete with each other. Your riding style, size and preferred terrain should make the decision pretty clear. The 400 works very well in the woods, single track, etc, but it is no powerhouse. A great, simple and reliable all around trail bike with some legs for the roads, but not the knob shearing power and open country legs of the 650R. Conversely, a big or strong rider can get nicely through the tight stuff on the 650 but there are probably better tools there. If you want to excel at both (and nothing does everything best) you're probably looking at one of the newer 450 racing fourstokes, with the additional cost, maintainance and longevity implications involved! :cry:

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