Discounted parts

I am looking for the best places to buy parts for my bike (and wife's quad). What I am looking for includes the following:

Fastway F3 pegs

Renthal Fatbars

Rekluse clutch

Pro peg nerf bars (for quad)

some other odds and ends.

Does anyone know of the best place to get these things (and others) cheaply?


I like to use chaparral or rockymountainatv. Those are just my two favs. They are both fast and easy to deal with. The prices seem to be better on somethings and a little higher on others. I have had to return some boots to chaparral and it was less than a week counting the time that it took them to get back to them. No questions asked :cry::cry: I am one of those people that find something that works and stick with it untill it fails me and then still dont like change :cry: I hope that this helps you

The cheapist place to get this stuff is the Thumper talk store! No one is cheaper!

The cheapist place to get this stuff is the Thumper talk store! No one is cheaper!

Can't beat a 110% low price guarantee.....TT store :cry::cry::cry:

Sorry, and thanks! I didn't even realize that there was a store here. Newbie mistake....

The problem with the TT store is the whole bloody thing is in pdf format which is a total pain in the butt if you dont have braodband. I can purchase three or four items at other sites before i can even load one pdf file from TT.

They really need to review this.

The TT PDF opens up ok for me, but when I try to close it, my computer freezes up for 2-3 minutes. Yes, I do have DSL and a new computer. The prices look good, but what do you do in the meantime?

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