Idle Speed

I checked the previous posts but did not find anything specific to my question.

With the air box lid and the exhaust insert removed {everything else is stock} the bike idles and runs perfect.

With the stock exhaust insert or aftermarket Vortip installed ------ bike idles rough and there is a momentary hesitation (nano second) off the idle. It runs perfect other wise.

Before I start tearing into the jetting, is there a quick and simple adjustment for this problem.

Yes it burbles only at idle and up to 1/8 of open throttle. It carburets perfect everywhere else. It sounds like the typical fuel screw/pilot jet.


Rocky, It shoudn't take much of an ajustment. When I run with my Vortip in I have to lean out the fuel screw or I get studder right off the bottom. good luck!

Can you say (fuel screw)?? The exhaust plugs are making it run rich. start by turning down your fuel screw 1/4 turn at a time. That would be turning it in. or clockwise. is the bobble only off the bottom?

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