'03 WR450 cam mod

I just bought this bike a couple months ago and have done all the free mods and a JD Jetting kit. I'm used to my old '96 RM250 W/10oz flywheel weight, so the WR450 seems pretty mild even though it has a lot more torque. I'm thinking about trying either the YZ cam or a Hot Cam. Which has the best mid/top end? Anyone have any links to a site that shows how to swap the cams? Will I have to adjust the valves any or is it just an easy swap?

Thanks, Matt.

I'm running a YZ cam in my '04 WR450 and a Hot Cams exhaust cam in my '01 WR426. I think to get any real benefit out of the Hot Cams you need to buy the set (i.e. - intake & exhaust). That being said I think you'd be very happy with the YZ cam. It really wakes up the WR though it's not for the timid or probably the woods as the power curve has a pretty big hit. IMO it's a great setup for desert riding. The clearances were in spec at install so I didn't have to reshim.

Yes I have heard that the Hot cams is the set up for most engine builders on the YZ450 s and they use and adjustable sprocket for timing set up. :cry:

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