Acerbis 5 gal tank on 650L

Has anyone ever installed one of these on a 650L? I am trying to do it and have run into a number of issues. First, who wrote these instructions? Can't the local U.S. distributor rewrite these to make sense? I mean, what would it really take to do something like that instead of having me type here and/or contacting them tomorrow? Second is, it looks like front rubber mount and mounting bosses for original tank block the installation of the new tank. Do I have to remove this even though the instructions do not say so. Finally, the instructions state: "To best mount the gas tank, widen the two lower ends." Do they mean to spread out the two mount points on the frame that were originally for the two front shrouds?

Any help would be great, thanks,


Hey Slamo,

I have this tank and I think they forced slave child labor to write the instructions.

No need to remove the rubber bumpers for the original tank mount. You will need to remove the top motor mount bolt and install the metal brace that the tank sits on. What they mean by spreading might take 2 people. Spread the tank by holding the tanks wings in front and spread it while putting it over the mounts.

I have some pics of it installed if you think it might help. Check the Protapers thread and on the 2nd page there are some links to a couple of pics.

If you need more let me know :cry:

Holy Sudden Incapacitation, Batman!

I think it would be easier to spread the legs of a hippo then to get that thing over the front tank mounts. Oy vey!

As to the rest, I did everything else, including the metal bracket through the engine mount. The one I am having a problem with are the two mounting brackets that come with the kit and attach to the underside of the tank. From there it looks like they are suppose to bolt to the bracket that is welded to the down tube in front of the engine, but this bracket looks to be fabricated/bent in the wrong direction to use with said Acerbis brackets. Am I suppose to "flatten" it out? Can you show me images of the underside of your tank. I will send you pics of the spread eagle hippo as an incentive!!!



Corrrect, They are supposed to mount to the brackets that the OEM "wings" bolted to. There should be no bending of the brackets. From what I remember there are a couple of mounting options on the tank side. Make sure you are in the right bolt holes. I can take pics this evening when I get home from work if you still need them :cry:

O.K. I called Acerbis directly today and they were extremely helpful. It would seem that all the parts are packaged in Italy so there is problem number one; local US office has no control of what instructions say or don't say. Parts that were missing has been solved by them sending me replacements overnight and other issue of front mount is hopefully going to be resolved. 1biglung, could you send me those pics that you offered? That would help allot.



Here you go

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

If you need more let me know

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