Want to sell your 450?

Seems the WR450 is the one bike that is a rare find outside of the dealership. I have been watching every classified in British Columbia and there are zero for sale! Must be a good sign.

So is any of you thumper fans are trading up to an 05 and want to sell your 03/04... let me know.

Otherwise the bike show is coming up!

Happy New Year! :cry:

There is a few in here. One guy is selling a 04WR450F, look for the thread called "whats it worth". If he can strap it down to a pallet, drain the fuel and oil, he can forward air it to you.

Depends........ How much do you want to spend?

$4000 for a slightly used 04 WR450 is an awesome value. :cry: You should look into that post from the guy in Cleveland. I almost bought the bike for parts! :cry: I am spending $2000. rebuilding my 03 to like new condition. :cry:

04/05 300exc might make me think about it. :cry:

Estaban, is this you ? its about time you got on TT.

Thanks for the threads guys and $4K US is a good deal but with shipping and border customs Ireally need a local seller.

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