120/90-19, will it fit on a yz426?

just like the title says, can i fit a 120/90-19 on my '00 YZ426? thanks for the help.

yes it will

really, dam i gotta give that a try


Definately!! I run nothing but a Maxxis IT on my '02 426 and love them!! It does fill up the area more and your triangle stand will seem a bit short and the bike may want to tip over while on the stand...... and if you jump, you will probably start noticing the rear fender will start having scrubbing of the rear tire from harder landings..........but no big deal! It sure does look like a lot of mean knobbies on the rear when you get it mounted.....when you see it, you probably want to go out and see what it can do..... just remember to use the neighbor's lawn as the test track..... :cry:



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