Opinion - 2 or 4 Stroke?

dollar for dollar you can't beat a 250 MXer for shear doofing around fun. there's plenty of new left over SXs, CRs, and YZs (03s and 04s) going for $4000 and less. and used 250s are a dime a dozen.

i say do it. you only live once.


This topic really got my attention since I am getting ready to buy a new '04 YZ250 at a real good price and I am currently riding a '94 XR600 and I love it, but I want a modern, light, state of the art bike for mostly woods riding and some MX which I do on the XR, but it is tough through the whoops!! I'm going to install a skid plate, handguards, a flywheel weight and toss the YZ around the woods. I've been running in the middle of the pack in some harescrambles on the XR at 300 lbs. and working my way up and I know the light, nimble YZ will be a blast :cry:

I Have always been a Honda guy, but after doing a lot of research, the 2002-05 YZ250's are the MX 250's to beat. I want the best 2 smoke I can get and then I'll have a great older, dead reliable 4 stroke and a state of the art 2 stroke in the stable. Here in GA. we have plenty of riding areas and 2 strokes are all over the place and I don't see them going away anytime real soon except for in The Peoples Republic of California. I may be wrong, but most of the places we ride are privately owned areas and you pay the fee and ride what you want. I have ridden plenty of 2 strokes recently, but I haven't owned one over 20 years.

Check out the newer Yamaha 2 strokes before you buy

Is this a punishable offense? :cry: Admitting that I am buying a Yamaha 2 smoke on a Honda 4 stroke forum. :cry: Good luck and safe riding,Walt

hey 600ish

I wasn't even thinking to use my heavy XR on those MX tracks if I can figure out what I want/need and get it in my garage soon enough :cry: I think for some trail riding the XR is perfect for me but for any tight stuff I am way to light (170lbs) for that heavy thing. Just can't help it, I love the power of it!!

I heard and read allot good stuff about the YZs so maybe I need to look into that a little more. Since all my bikes in the past 20 years were Hondas my first choice went to a CR(F). Maybe a Kawasaki will do too, just for some reason I don't like Suzukis. Since I took now a long break I am not up to date about that but back then the Suzis have been in my opinion always the lower quality version of what Honda or Yamaha have made.

And hey, I posted this question on purpose between all the other XR riders to see what their opinion about another toy 2 or 4 stroke would be (well beside the 600+cc XRs its a toy, or not?). Ok your Yamaha thingy is definitely a big offense for the fixed Honda enthusiast hehehe but I'll look into that.

Also I am sure the 2 strokes will not disappear that quickly because there is no close replacement and current laws don't aim that way either as I read them, just calling for needed improvements on new production. Might be different on the west coast but I just picked up another classified paper here in Virginia and only found two CRF230Fs between plenty 2 strokes. And I wasn't planning to get another "F" after the 250, I already got a "L" hanging on to my XR :cry:

Well I'll guess I see what comes along the next few weeks while I am surfing ads. If I find a 4 stroke I'll go and try it... maybe its already what I'll like. For the two strokes I saw plenty of choices used below 2k and younger than 2000 here on the east coast.

Hi beer_studd_76

I guess "doofing around" hits it on the head with what I want with it :cry:

Finally one who got my intention for thinking of a 2smoke right hehehehe


I have an 00XR650 and 01CR250 that I bought both new in 12/00 and love the differences of owning the 2 bikes. The 250 is great for "doofin" around alot or doing MX. And the little guy has been really reliable; 2 top ends every 2 years because it was due, not seized, and fork seals, plus regular maintenance things like chain/sprockets, and brake pads, tires. I would venture to guess that if I owned a new high performance 450 for stroke for 4 years with the same hours I would have spent more money on maintenance than my 2 stroke. Mixing the gas is easy, just buy the small bottle of Yamalube for 5 gallons, it mixs up at 40:1. Get a 2000 or newer on whatever 2 stroke you decide, the ergos and suspension are better.

I ride a '95 XR6, but at the moment I have an '83 IT490K which is a blast to jump on and fang around on every now and then. I've always thought a two-stroke gave the best adrenaline rush! :cry:


Man, looks like you really perked these boys up!

I've owned a ton of both 2 & 4 strokes, and I hear ya..Something lighter to play on besides the pig is real nice.

I had a KTM360exc for when I wanted a change, sold it ( lord knows why), and am currently looking for snappy 2 stroke for a second bike..KDX200's are nice, so are 250/300 KTM exc's. Get a smoker, easy to work on, light & power out the wazoo!

Heck, you can always EM it to me if your unhappy with it..

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