Tail light

Ok, I have an 84 XR500. The tail light is long gone. I would like to install a tail / stop light.I will also need the stop light switch.I still have the original head light. Any suggestions.

Baja Designs kit is a little pricey and includes the head light which I do not need. I want to do this to make my bike legal in AZ. I already have the horn and mirror.

Baja designs will sell you just a taillight/stoplight and a switch if thats all you need.

I put a ufo fender with a tail stop light built right on it bought it at dennis kirk for 28.00 part number-590181 looks kool had to do minor trimming,you can also get a pressure switch that hooks right into your brake system simply by removing the banjo bolt and installing the switch with a longer banjo bolt and by running power to it you can also get them at dennis kirk,

good luck :cry:

If you want the DOT legal stuff then go thru Baja Designs or similar well established place. I put a BD kit that was bought in '96 on my '84 XR500. Because of the stock fender style that sticks straight out, the Acerbis light kind of sticks up in the air. But it's reasonable out of the way.

If you want a light that will bolt onto your stock fender and look like the stock light did then look at the link below. You will want light #9. On the outside it's very similar to the stock light except that it has a 3-wire lead and socket with a mini 1157 bulb. But it's not DOT legal. On my XR650R I tried using one of those POS UFO lights that hang below the fender, it wouldn't last no matter what I did. Eventually the whole thing broke into pieces and fell off. I put on a light from the link below and the problem is gone, no more excess weight hanging off the fender, etc. It looks stock, is bright and stays out of the way like stock.

Note: You will need a plunger style switch and bracket, you don't have a hydraulic brake so the banjo bolt idea is out.


The light suggested by pearblossomal just might work. Here in AZ the inspections are pretty easy.

I have a UFO fender on the back. I had looked at baja designs. I guess I will go that way.

Thanks for the help.

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