Wr 400-backfireing

Hey ,for all of you !!!!

I am from Portugal and have wr 400 (00) .

Ok, i only ried sunday mornings with the gays and i am having the fallowing problem, the bike starts great and for a few miles it runs great to(clean acceleration in all rpm and throttle range) but when the engine starts to warms up it bigins to backfire and it feels like it´s going to stall after 1/2 throttle :cry: but if i keep riding it only up to 1/3 of throttle comes up to be ok again(clean acceleration in all rpm and throttle range) doring the rest of the ride if i give it throttle to fast at low rpm it does the same thing again ,then again if i keep ridin only up to 1/3 of throttle for a while it will be ok again. Carb. and ingene have all original parts (eccept for exaust pipe), settings are acording to specification book.

If any of you cold help i would apriciate :cry:

Thanks and sory about the inglis!!!!!

Sounds like you need to do some jetting for that aftermarket pipe,

you might want to go to a larger main jet for starters and post

your message in the jetting thread of Thumpertalk.

G. Luck

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