INTRO (New to the Dirt and Probs Already!)

Hi there. I'm new to the forum and new to dirbikes. Just got rid of my Gixxer 750 after yet another crash, and I've decided to go mainly off-road.

Only problem is dirtbikes are a whole new ball game to sportsbikes (not that I have many mechanical skills anyway). So I have a million questions to ask and this looked the best forum by far!

Firstly, I've just done an oil change and filter change and found something alarming - small metal shavings in the oil filter :cry: A while ago someone told me that metal shavings in the oil filter were very bad news. I'd imagine it meant pieces of the engine (piston?) were in a bad way. However, I also read online that metal shavings in the oil filter in the bike's first ever change are not to be worried about!?!

So I'm well confused!! The bike is a WR426F '03 but it wasn't registered until '04. (Although I think the last WR426 production year was '02 in the UK so it may have been hanging around in storage for ages)

When I bought it, it had 300K on the clock and was pristine. It still is pristine, but it's now got 900K on the clock. It's not been raced -just used for trails and woods, so it would seem a bit under-used for the engine to start shearing bits away wouldn't it??

Any help would be well appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out about this - among other things - exhaust trouble too but that's another story :cry:

A small amount of shavings is pretty normal. Some say they continue to see small amounts through out the life of the bike with no additional problems.

The tolerances for the Yamaha motors are really tight, and the transmission is in the same oil bath as the motor. Metal shavings (as long as they're not too big or in large quantities) are normal, especially if it's the first oil change.

If the oil and filter are changed often I wouldn't be too concerned. I recommend a installing magnetic engine oil drain plug to help capture the little metal particles that end up floating around in there.

The last year of the WRF426 was '02 here in the states, not sure about the UK. Regardless of that fact, you'll be more than happy with the power and performance of these bikes. They are about the fastest play bikes out there.

Just do search here and you'll find all you need to know about how to get even more out of your Thumper. Congrats and keep the rubber side down.

Cheers for the advice - it's put my mind at rest!!

Yeah I'm pretty happy with the power of the WR - it's got huge low

and mid range power which has me grinning like a buffoon :cry:

However, I wouldn't mind a bit more!! I just got a DEP race (Enduro) pipe

(end can only) but the sumbitch wouldn't fit my bike even though the pipe was supposed to be manufactured for my model/year. So that's gone back to

the dealer's and they're pondering on what other pipe to order.

The DEP was probably faulty welding, but I dunno whether to try another

one, as the outlet wasn't half as big as I'd expected (ie less noise/power)

although the plus side was that the bike didn't need re-jetting at all, just slip

it on and off you go.

I was wondering whether a YZ MX silencer would fit the WR, as the bikes are so similar. This would certainly give me huge amounts of extra power, but I may then have to mess around with valves/jets and I'm not too hot on that side of things.

Again, if anyone's got any advice on pipes It'd be real appreciated!! :cry:

Thanks again,


I have a WR450 03 with a Dep Exhuast, but it is Badge as YZ450 03..... my help .....In Basingstoke, Hampshire if that Help you as I see your in the UK...

Yeah, that helps alot!

Maybe the '02 YZ426 will fit my WR426? If they welded

the fitments right that is!!

Yeah I'm up in Stoke. I've been getting stuff for the WR from

DK Motorcycles who're real helpful but they seem a bit lost

with WR's, as their off-road dept is mainly MX stuff.

Have you found the DEP pipe has given your bike alot more


Have you taken off the airbox lid yet? Remove the lid if you haven't, let that bad boy breathe. Then pipe and re-jet the carb. You may want to YZ time your bike(which will lose a little off the bottom, but pull like mad in the midrange). All the mods can be found by using the search here at TT. You're going to love that bike :cry::cry:

:cry: Well, if you want a decent end can for the WR dont bother with the DEP or even D&K, order a CRD can from they fit fin e, look well and give you more power without too much extra noise !

remove the airbox lid as previously mentioned..and ride the damn thing ! :cry:

Yeah, the airbox cover is off - in fact it didn't come with the airbox cover! It wouldn't go amiss when giving it a spray, although the seat sits pretty tight to the box. Still, I've been using a piece of shaped plastic just in case water does go in the engine.

I've also toyed with the idea of doing the valves like the YZ, but I love the bottom end pull and don't wanna lose it! What I haven't done is checked the throttle wire, which someone told me may be restricted. I haven't got down to getting into the engine yet, and I don't know exactly what to do either. I need a manual very urgently!!

I should've called DK today RE: Exhaust but haven't had time (first day back at work and run off me feet) gotta call 'em tomorrow. In terms of noise, I actually wanted more noise - not cause I'm an irresponsible tit, but because I'm also gonna be using the bike on the road for commuting, and I want ignorant car drivers to know I'm there. I've had three crashes this year alone, all because of car drivers 'not knowing I was there' (and one even hit me from behind while I was stationary at a roundabout and said he didn't see me!!!) Luckily the insurance has always come in my favour, but plenty of brakes, bruises and injured bikes.

Anywayz, cheers for the help folks - I'll let you know which pipe I end up with. And btw - do K&N do filters for dirtbikes, and if so would the bike need extra mods to cater for more air??

Sounds normal to me :cry: I had an 01 WR426F and it always has metal flakes in the filter. If you start to find chunks, then worry. As for your being called an 03, its probably an 02, but sometimes they will just title them the year it was registered in some countries. Sounds like you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy that Yamahopper! :cry:

Yeah, I'm seriously enjoying it!! :cry:

I thought I'd miss my supersports bikes, but no way - this WR is

bigtime FUN, and I've only just started :cry:

I'm also enjoying finding my way around the bike - and the ways of

dirtbikes in general. Need a manual, then I can get my hands into

the engine and have a fiddle!!

I think I need to change the starter jet, because it won't ever kick when the choke's out for some reason. And in the cold this is causing problems - I have to use throttle to give it life, then quickly pull the choke out after it's kicked. A pain in the arse and possibly damaging, but I daren't do anything without the sacred manual.

Still, it's good to hear that the metal bits in the filter are normal :cry:

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