Differences between YZ426F '00 and '01

Hi there,

I'm going to buy Yamaha YZ426F but I've doubts about seller :cry: How can I easily recognize manufacturing date (if papers will not be in order)? I live in Slovakia/Europe and here is too many artful dodgres - they trying to sell old bike as newer (for example '00 as '01). Some advices for me? Thanks a lot!

The '01 has a floating front disk brake...2 piece rotor..while the '00 has a single. The '01 has Titanium Valves....if it still has the stock stickers on it...it should say that.

So, a dream comes true :-) Finally I've got new moto, it isn't Yamaha but Italian VOR! Check it at http://tomxx.hlohovec.net/enduro/vor.jpg . It has floating front disk brake, Brembo brakes, Ohlins forks, hydraulic clutch, cassette type gearbox for easy&fast exchange...

I hope that winter will be very short and weak :-D

thats pretty cool... I've never seen of those..you should post it in the picture forum :cry:

There are many internal changes.

From an external view, look at the VIN. 10th digit will say the year. 0 = 2000 , 1 =2001

The 2000 will have the fixed front rotor with Akebono master cylinder

the 2001 will have the floating front rotor (has rivets in it) and Nissan master cylinder up front.

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