YZ400 swingarm linkage bearings .....help

ok so im in my basement with my bike all apart, ive got my swing arm and the linkages all removed to inspect the bearings, all seem ok except when i removed the 'relay arm' linkage the 2 bearings are totally seized and rusty......i removed the oil seals and have attempted several times to hammer them out using a 20mm socket and a piece of wood over it..all the little metal rods fell out.....ive hammered and hammered and it doesnt budge a millimeter.........

what do i do now?? get some stronger to try or do these puppies get seized in here for good??

Find someone with a press and have them pressed out. I just got one from Harbour Freight for about $120. Works great.

Just did the bearings on my 426 and they we're seized also, had to be pressed out at the local shop. Those we're the only ones though all others came in/out with a socket and happer.

If you get inventive you can use a bench-mounted vise as a press. That with a little heat should get the buggers to move.

thanks guys i took the linkage to my local shop and they pressed it out like nothing............they didn't even charge me :cry:

Motion Pro has a universal puller / pusher tool just for removing and installing swingarm and linkage bearings part # 08-0213 :cry:

Make your own press/bearing remover and installer. I'll try to explain my setup. Use a piece of threaded rod, 2 washers, 2 nuts, and a piece of pipe that is long enough to "press" the bearing out of the swingarm (it has the same OD as the bearings). Put one washer on rod, follow that with the nut and then stick the rod though the bearings to the oher side of the swing arm. Once passed through, add the piece of pipe, follow with the washer, and then twist the last nut on until the pipe pushes the bearings out. Flip the assembly and do the other side. This is also useful to get the correct depth when installing the bearings. I use a small socket instead of the piece of pipe when intalling the bearings in the center of the swingarm. Put a mark 5mm from the end of the socket, so you know when the bearing has the correct installation depth. Hope this helps.


I use a bench vice all the time. Find a socket that just fits into the hole were the bearing is. Then find a larg socket or piece of pipe that the bearing will fit into. Line the entire setup in the vice and squeeze the bearing out with the small socket into the large socket on the other side. Works great. I have done this dozens of times.

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