Hey One and All

Hey everyone ,first off i must compliment everyone on a GREAT site. It is well maintained and VERY informative. I have a question concerning clutch covers for the 2002 yz426f. I beefed it and put a crack in the clutch cover. Actually i went down and a rock bashed the rear brake into the cover. I was able to take off the cover, do some grinding , to get clearance between the cover and clutch hub. Cleaned it up with acetone and J B welded it. I was riding the next day (with a cracked rib). It held and is still holding. However im sure i dont want to have this as a permanent fix. I called Boyesen and the lady told me they dont have a clutch cover for the 426 WHAT THE H*$#@L. Anybody have any ideas for aftermarket covers that arent $100 bucks. :cry:

Ebay, or post a want add in the TT buy / sell forums.

I cracked my clutch cover once before, and I was lucky to pick mine up for 40 bucks.

I have one from my 2000 426 that is slightly damaged, but does not leak. A rock nailed the bottom-most bolt and cracked the area over the bolt. The cover was fine, but I'm anal and wanted it replaced so I bought one from a fellow TT'er. If you want it then its yours..... and I'm in Long Beach so I'm right next door.

Sounds like a winner , how do we hook up? :cry::cry::cry::cry:

check your PM's......

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