YZ450 - KYB Fork Oil Change?

I have a strange noise coming from my 03 KYB forks when I near the top of the stroke. :cry: I compress the forks, then pull up and in the last inch or so in makes sort of a click sound....like there isnt enough oil. Is this NORMAL??

I was going to do an oil change anyway, but have no experience with these forks. Any tips or techniques that you can share would be helpful in making it a successful job.

What weight oil comes stock??

Thanks :cry:

It does sound like they might be low. But check the steering head bearing for being tight enough, too.

YZF forks come with 5wt fork oil. Use a hydraulic fork oil, NOT any kind of engine oil. Dexron II or III will also work. It's a little heavier at 7.5 wt.

You'll need about a quart if you're planning to set the level at 120-130 and you don't spill any.

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