Tell a Suzuki rider about the WR400

Guys, I spend my time in the DRZ forum but my buddy is thinking of buying a 2000 WR400. It is apparently in great shape. I am quite familiar with the WR450 (almost bought one but got a screamin deal on the DRZ) but not the WR400. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Please be honest.

Thanks in advance. :cry:

After doing the free mods this bike rips in stock form :lol: You should however change the oil, clean the air filter and check the valves often. These bikes have very good suspension stock, and with a little tuning can be even better. As mentioned before the free mods are a must, especially the throttle stop - replace with YZ. There is a ton of potential in these bikes and IMO is more than most riders will ever need. The YZ seat and tank are a good mod for more comfort, but other than that, add gas and ride :cry: You will find that with proper care these bikes will run for a very long time. I have not had any trouble with my 426 after 2 1/2 years, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If the price is fair I say :cry::cry::cry::cry:

After doing the free mods one word describes the wr 400 . WOW :cry:

The 400F is an extremely reliable, powerful, good handling, do-it-all off road mount. I have a '00 myself. With thousands of miles logged on it, it continues to start first or second kick. I had a fork seal go on me, but other than that it's been excellent. The plastic on YZ's and WR's does turn whitish when creased in a crash. It's easy to street legalize (MI at least). I don't think it's at that much of a disadvantage against the WR 450 when it's uncorked. Never had the motor apart, never had to. The steel valves are very durable. It has a very torquey pull to it for it's displacement. But with the FMF powercore 4 it is very loud! That is a downside. Definitely not stealthy. Keep a good 0-ring or x-ring chain on it. Change the oil. Love life.

I have had a 00 for a couple of years now. Like the others said, great mount and has plenty of power. I have ridden an 01 DRZ dirt version side by side and can tell you for comparison's sake that the WR sounds and feels a slight bit snappier. However, neither of us could drop the other so not sure it has any real world power advantage. The suspension on the DRZ was MUCH softer. Real nice on small stuff, but for 220 pound person, once the bump was harsh or larger than 18 inches bottoming was a reality at speeds. The WR is much better out of the box suspension wise. I have had no reliability problems with my WR after hundreds of hard off-road miles and it easily starts 1st kick nearly all the time. Change oil and filter religously and ride! If it is in good shape, I would have your friend buy it in a second! :cry:

Hey, My buddy has been riding DR for the last year and after getting my 1999 wr 400 he's ready to trade in. I love the wr. Maintance is always key to every fun ride. Make sure whatever your friends gets you ingrain that in his brain. My WR has all the free mods and the White Bros e series pipe. It makes plenty of power, right around 44hp. More than a enough for mortal man. The fork seals seem to be a reoccuring theme here on the forum but there many great fixes for that as I'm bout to change mine and install new seal savers. First time around on the seal savers but the respected members of this forum seem to believe in them. Got to try right? Hope whatever your buddy gets ya'll remember one thing and that to keep the rubber side in the air. OUT

Hi guys, can you please lead me to these mods you guys are going on about.

Iv'e bought a 2001 wr 400f of a mate and im loving it.

Check the stickys at the top of the forum or just do a search for free mods and put on your reading glasses.

or go to The site is focused on WR250's, but with the exception of the clutch mods, all applies to the 400/426 as well.

Dude, IMO the WR is one fast beast compared to the DRZ (DRZ's are not slow either) The WR400 especially has a big hit from mid to high revs. It has been somewhat mellowed (torque moved lower IMO) over the generations. It is a fun bike to ride for sure. The supension is also good with awesome stability at high speeds. The front shocks are top notch but the back one is a little soft (I'm heavy 230) Believe me he will go fast. Great reliabilty to boot. Super all around bike. is a bit heavy, could use more low end torque (Got to keep it rev'ed. I came off an XR400 so maybe it is me) and the throttle hit is a little much in the mud. Do not forget this bike was designed to run like a two smoker...It does for sure.

It is like the modern 450's... that has not made it to charm school.

Great bikes. KJR

wr is based off a motorcross bike the dr is not . thats the best way to put it personally .

thanks guys. it all helps.

The Most Common Word I Use On My Wr400 Is Oh Shittttttt

I have owned a 2000 DRZ 400 S and do currently own 2006 DRZ 400 SM. I also have a 00 WR 400 and let me just say that neither one of those drzs could ever think about hanging with the wr. Not to mention the drz is a lil too high maintenance for my taste(mcct, countershaft, primary nut,etc..) As a matter of fact that was the demise of the 2000 DRZ, was the cam chain failed. I suppose I should have done the mod, but IMHO if you build the thing right you wouldn't need to do all those preventive mods. Don't get me wrong I think the drz is a good bike(i did buy another one) but the way I see it, the bike has been in production for 8 years and all the same preventive mods are still required, and everybody knows about them so why aren't they being fixed at the factory? Just for the record if Yamaha would come out with a decent sumo (wr 250X is to small) then I would have definatley stayed blue. Sorry for rambling:blah: , just my $0.02.

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