02 Yz426 Street Legal

What All Do You Have To Do To Get A Yz426 To Be Legal

I Figured The Stator For Powering The Lighting But I Forgot About The Brake Light Switches On Front And Rear Right

Where Can I Get The Stuff At

Parts Unlimited if you want to put the kit together yourself...Trick Dualsport, Baja Designs, or Electrolux if you want to buy a kit already put together.

I'me based in the UK so maybe different laws here. For the brakes I got a childs mountain bike rear brake LED type and cut the wires. Then I got two Ducati pressure activated brake cables whick srcew straight on top of the original cables with an elongated banjo bolt. Then just wired the whole lot together running two AA bateries for power. The light is LED so doesn't need much power, batteries seem to last a good three months, total cost £6.50 for the LED and £8.50 for each:applause: pressure cable. Also fitted a horn, again a mountain bike one for £5, Passed the MOT and getting stopped by the police, total result. YZF 426 2002.

thanks cab ill check into it

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