05' YZ450F Fork Oil Change

Has anyone been through this process yet? It was easy on the old KYBs, but the manual for the new 05' fork is a little hard to follow. I need to change my fork oil soon. If anyone has done it could you give me some advice on what to do and not to do. I plan on following the manual, but are there any things they don't point out that I should know?


Man, how long have you had this bike? Didn't they just come out? You must ride hard every day to need a change this soon. Wish I were you! I'm with you there on the lack of directioins and clarity with the manual. Sorry I can't help you.

You have to get the tools to disassemble the fork. There is an outer wrench and inner unit you will need to make life easy.



That is the part numbers from Racetech's website. The tools are in short supply. Just follow the manual. If you have ever done the Showa Twin Chamber forks, these are the same. Very simple once you get the first try under your belt. Be sure to set the oil level properly in both chambers!

The oil Yamaha uses stock is crap. You will notice an improvement just from an oil change and nothing else. I just did the forks on my buddies 05 and the oil that came out looked like gear oil, same thing on my 04. Also the levels were not even close to what they were suppose to be.

Im doing my forks on my 400 what oil do you recommend?

I either use Golden Spectro, Enzo 01 or even the Yamaha 01 is good.

5wt oil .

mikedabike's list is all 5 wt. I run the Torco racing fork fluid 5wt, best oil I found worked for my valving in the older 46mm forks.

awesome guys thanks for the suggestions

I either use Golden Spectro, Enzo 01 or even the Yamaha 01 is good.

Kayaba 01 = Enzo 01 = Yamaha 01. There are all the same oil just differently packaged for Enzo and Yamaha. I beleieve Enzo is the distributor of the Kayaba 01 oil here in the US.

the 05 forks are very similar, almost identical to the ones on my 03 CRF450. pull off the top cap and turn upside down and drain oil. If you are changing the inner chamber oil as well , you have to remove the whole inner chamber to remove all the oil from it as the rod has to be pumped freeley to purgfe the oil.

I use Mobil 1 Synthetic in thew outer chamber and Maxium 5 wt in the inner. The ATF works awesom. And it is cheap.

Torco 5wt works very well!

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